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It is the policy of Classic Traffic School LLC to ensure honesty and integrity at the highest levels of its operation and to act fairly and judiciously on behalf of its students and other customers. To this end, the following cancellation and refund policy outlines the process and procedures to obtain a refund and/or cancel an enrollment agreement. Every student completing the enrollment process will be provided a copy of this policy.

Rejection: An applicant rejected by the school is entitled to a refund of all monies paid minus the $100.00 nonrefundable registration fee.

Three-Day Cancellation: An applicant who provides written notice of cancellation for any reason within three (3) business days, excluding weekends and holidays, of executing the enrollment agreement is entitled to a refund of all monies paid, excluding the $100.00 nonrefundable registration fee, $150.00 books/supplies costs and the $550.00 miscellaneous expenses.

Other Cancellations: An applicant requesting cancellation more than three (3) business days after executing the enrollment agreement for any reason and making an initial payment, but prior to the first day of class is entitled to a refund of all monies paid, excluding the $100.00 nonrefundable registration fee, $150.00 books/supplies costs, $550.00 miscellaneous expenses and less a maximum tuition fee of 40% of the stated cost of the course.

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Withdrawal Procedure

A student choosing to withdraw from the school after the commencement of classes must provide a written notice to the designated administrator of the school. The notice must include the expected last date of attendance and be signed and dated by the student. Students may withdraw for any reason and at any time within these procedures.

If special circumstances arise, a student may request, in writing, a leave of absence, which should include the date the student anticipates the leave beginning and ending. The withdrawal date will be the date the student is scheduled to return from the leave of absence but fails to do so.

A student will be determined to be withdrawn from the school if the student misses seven (7) consecutive instructional days and all the days were unexcused.

All refunds must be submitted within 30 days of the determination of the withdrawal date and be refunded in the manner set forth below.

Tuition refunds will be determined as follows:

Students paying all or any part of the tuition along with other costs and fees will be entitled to a refund of all monies paid, excluding the $100.00 nonrefundable registration fee, $150.00 books/supplies costs, and $550.00 miscellaneous expenses as well as less a maximum tuition fee of 40% of the stated cost of the course.


The following represents the notice that will be provided to students on the enrollment agreement. Each student will be given the opportunity to review each item, ask questions, and have these questions answered to ensure an understanding of the terms of the contract, prior to the student signing the enrollment agreement. These items will appear in this exact format on the enrollment form.

  1. Do not sign this agreement before you have read it and if it contains any blank spaces.
  2. This agreement is a legally binding instrument. Both sides of the contract are binding only when the agreement is accepted, signed, and dated by the authorized official of the school or the admissions officer at the school’s principal place of business and by the student seeking admissions. The signatures of both parties represent this acceptance. Read both sides before signing.
  3. You are entitled to an exact copy of this agreement and any disclosure papers you sign.
  4. This agreement and the school catalog constitute the entire agreement between the student and the school. Each student will receive a copy of the school’s catalog (hard copy or electronic copy) prior to paying any fees, registering for classes, and/or paying tuition and other costs.
  5. Although the school will provide placement assistance, the school does not guarantee job placement to graduates upon program completion or upon graduation.
  6. The school reserves the right to reschedule the program start date when the number of students scheduled is too small.
  7. The school reserves the right to terminate a student’s training for unsatisfactory progress, nonpayment of tuition, or failure to abide by established standards of conduct.
  8. The school does not guarantee the transferability of credits to a college, university, or institution. Any decision on the comparability, appropriateness, and applicability of credit, and whether they should be accepted is the decision of the receiving institution. Classic Traffic School LLC does not currently offer courses for credit. Courses and programs of study are offered on a clock-hour basis and result in a certificate of completion awarded to each student who successfully completes the agreed-upon course of study. For students registering for the CDL program, a separate road and written examination must be taken as administered by the State of Florida Department of Transportation. Classic Traffic School LLC will assist students with scheduling these exams once they have successfully completed the CDL training program.


Each student enrolling for a program at Classic Traffic School LLC will be required to acknowledge receipt of the school’s catalog and the enrollment agreement by signing a student acknowledgment included in the enrollment agreement. Students will be required to specifically make the following declarations by initialing each item. These items are expressed in the exact manner as represented here on the enrollment agreement. These acknowledgments are as follows:

I hereby acknowledge receipt of the school’s catalog dated ______________ , which contains information describing the program offered, requirements for participation, and equipment/supplies provided (if applicable). The catalog is included as part of this enrollment agreement and I acknowledge that I have received a copy of this catalog.

___________ Student Initials

I have carefully read and received an exact copy of this enrollment agreement.

___________ Student Initials

I understand that the school may terminate my enrollment if I fail to comply with attendance, academic, and financial requirements or if I fail to abide by established standards of conduct, as outlined in the school catalog. While enrolled in the school, I understand I must maintain satisfactory academic progress as described in the school catalog and that my financial obligation to the school must be paid in full before a certificate may be awarded.

I understand that the school does not guarantee job placement to graduates upon program completion or upon graduation.

___________ Student Initials

I understand that complaints, which cannot be resolved by direct negotiation with the school in accordance with its written grievance policy, may be filed with the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education, 325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1414, toll-free telephone number 888-224-6684. All student complaints must be submitted in writing.

___________ Student Initials


Each student making an application and signing an enrollment agreement will be required to sign and date the enrollment agreement, signifying acceptance of the contract. Such students will also be required to indicate by signing that the enrollment agreement has been read and understood. The student will be required to acknowledge receipt of a copy of the agreement along with a copy of the school catalog either hard copy or electronic.

By signing the agreement, each student will be required to attest to understanding and agreement that the signed agreement supersedes all prior or contemporaneous verbal or written agreements and may not be modified without the written agreement of the student and a Classic Traffic School LLC official. Students will also be required to verify their understanding that if they default upon this agreement, they will be responsible for payment of any collection fees or attorney fees incurred by Classic Traffic School LLC.

A student’s signature on the enrollment agreement will be understood to signify that they have read and understood all aspects of the agreement and understood that it is a binding agreement carrying legal responsibilities. Students will also be required to further signify recognition of their legal responsibilities in regard to this contract.


The School Representative interviewing the student will be required to complete a representative certification attesting to the fact that the student has been interviewed by such a person and meets all the requirements for acceptance into the CDL program specifically, and other programs that the school offers relating to driver education generally as described in the school catalog. Staff will be required to further certify that there have been no verbal or written agreements or promises other than those appearing on the agreement signed by both parties and that both parties are in agreement with the terms specified with the understanding that the enrollment agreement constitutes a contract which legally binds both parties to the stated terms. The certification will require a signature and date of signing.