A Closer Look at Obtaining a School Bus Endorsement


Have you ever considered driving a school bus and wondered how to go about achieving that? A driving career operating a school bus enables you to work independently, improve your driving skills, and make a positive impact in your community. While the process of getting a school bus endorsement varies by state, we’ll go over how the process works and what the requirements are.

  • What is a school bus endorsement?

    A school bus endorsement is a type of licensing requirement needed to operate a school bus. To acquire the endorsement, you must have basic driving skills, as well as pass one or more tests. The tests will assess your knowledge and skills while the endorsement verifies you are legally permitted to operate the vehicle.

  • How do I obtain the endorsement?

    To acquire the school bus endorsement, you need to pass both a written and driving skills test. Some states may also require you to join a training program or certification course from a CDL school in Florida. Most states will require you to demonstrate your ability to operate a large vehicle through a driving skills test.

Meanwhile, the written exam requires you to answer questions about laws and safety when operating a school bus. You will learn all this through a good driving enhancement program. When you pass, the school bus endorsement adds an “S” endorsement to your CDL.

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