Common Mistakes Many New Drivers Make


Many road accidents are avoidable; this is why states require citizens to undergo Entry-Level Drivers Training from schools like our driving School in Fort Myers, Florida before they receive a certified driver’s license. 

Here are some common mistakes many new drivers make to keep in mind so that you can remain safe on the road and avoid any unwanted incidents:

  • Driving Too Fast or Too Slow
    Driving too fast has risks, but driving too slow can also be dangerous. Driving too fast can make it more difficult to react to sudden situations or control your vehicle. Driving too slow can increase the risk of accidents in intersections or rear-end collisions. Always drive on the speed limit and remember what you learned in your driving lessons.
  • Forgetting to Do Pre-driving Checks
    Many new drivers forget to check their cars thoroughly before getting on the road. Remembering to check your trucker before driving will ensure that it is roadworthy, preventing accidents. Some things to check include tire pressure, oil, and water.
  • Distracted Driving
    Paying proper attention to the road and other drivers can reduce your risk of unwanted road incidents. Avoid distractions by playing music at appropriate volumes, not using your cell phone, or talking excessively to your passenger.

Visit our CDL School in Florida for more tips or reliable driving courses. You can call Classic Traffic School LLC at 239-303-4322 for more information.

Our driving enhancement program includes Truck Driving Programs, Basic Driving Improvement, and many more.

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